Fedora 10 Release Schedule and Accepted Features

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หลังจากที่ได้ออก Fedora 9 Release ไปเมื่อวันที่ 13 พ.ค. ที่ผ่านมา ทาง Fedora ก็ได้ออกกำหนดการที่จะออก Fedora 10 final release มาในช่วงเดือน พ.ย. – ธ.ค. โดยที่กำหนดการของการออก Fedora 10 final release นี้จะอยู่วันที่ 25 พ.ย. (คาดว่าไม่ตรงตามกำหนด) หลายคนอาจจะเกิดคำถามที่ว่าทำไมถึงได้ออก release version ใหม่บ่อยขนาดนี้ เหตุเป็นเพราะว่า Fedora นี้ได้ถูกให้มีกำหนดการออก version ใหม่ๆ ( release cycle) ทุก 6 เดือน และเหตุผลจริงๆที่ต้องออกถี่ขนาดนี้เป็นเพราะว่าเป็นการลอง package ใหม่ๆเพื่อที่จะทดสอบและพัฒนาต่อยอดไปสู่การใส่ package ใน Red Hat Enterprise Linux หรือ RHEL นั้นเอง

Fedora 10 Release Schedule

2008-05-13 Fedora 9 Release
Fedora 10 Planning & Development Begins
2008-07-22 Fedora 10 Alpha freeze
2008-08-05 Fedora 10 Alpha release
2008-09-11 Fedora 10 Beta freeze
Fedora 10 Feature Freeze–Planning & Development Ends
Fedora 10 String freeze
2008-09-30 Fedora 10 Beta release
Allow Fedora 10 pre-branch
2008-10-21 Fedora 10 Translation deadline
2008-10-28 Final Development freeze
2008-11-04 Fedora 10 Preview Release
2008-11-25 Fedora 10 final release (GA)

Fedora 10 Accepted Feature

% Complete Name Summary
100% AMQP Infrastructure A technology that makes it easy to build scalable, interoperable, high-performance enterprise applications
100% Appliance Tools Tools and meta-data that make it easier for anyone (ISVs, developers, OEMS, etc) to create and deploy virtual appliances
100% Artistic 1.0 License Removal Remove all packages licensed under only the Artistic 1.0 license before Fedora 10
100% Better Printing Improve management and handling of printers
100% Better Remote Support Make it easier to connect to remote controls and have them just work with many applications.
95% Better Start-up Stream line graphical start up
90% Better Webcam Support Improved webcam support
100% Connection Sharing Enable adhoc network sharing
92% Echo Icon Theme Make the Echo Icon theme the default for Fedora 10
100% Eclipse 3.4 Rebase Eclipse to version 3.4
85% EFI Add new UEFI functionality to Fedora
100% Evdev Input Driver Evdev is being used as the default input driver for X.Org.
100% Faster Startup Descrease the amount of time it takes to start and stop fedora
100% First Aid Kit First Aid Kit is an automated recovery tool that brings together common recovery processes and applies them to a system
100% Glitch Free Audio Rewrite the PulseAudio sound server to use timer-based audio scheduling
100% Gnome 2.24 Re-base Fedora to Gnome 2.24
90% GStreamer RPM dependencies Assist automated installation of GStreamer codecs provided by third-party repositories
45% Haskell Support Provide good support for Haskell development and use, with a high number of quality libraries and tools available
66% HDTV Enhancements The X server in Fedora 10 has been enhanced to support HDTVs better
85% Kernel Modes Setting for Graphics Move graphic mode initialization from the X server’s DDX drivers to the kernel
90% LXDE Desktop Make the LXDE lightweight X11 desktop environment available in Fedora
100% NetBeans IDE Add the NetBeans IDE to Fedora
100% Online Accounts Service Provides applications with credentials for user’s online accounts listed on online.gnome.org or stored in GConf.
100% Python NSS Bindings Include a newly developed package which provides python bindings for NSS
100% Remote Virtual Install Enable the creation of virtual machines on remote hosts
95% RPM 4.6 Update RPM to 4.6
90% Save to Bugzilla Auto create bugzilla entry with anaconda tracebacks
100% Sbin Sanity Add /usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin to the PATH for normal users to simplify command-line administration tasks
100% Security Audit A new security audit system and intrusion detection system
75% Sugar Desktop Include the Sugar Desktop (used in OLPC) in Fedora
100% Virtual Storage Make storage provisioning over libvirt connections (local and remote) virtual machines as simple as possible.

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