The dependable iPhone Dev team have released updated version of their redsn0w to jailbreak official firmware iPhone OS 3.0 and iPod touch 1st, 2nd for windows.

The Step to Jailbreak iPod touch or iPhone to 3.0 official firmware from windows
1. Dowload Redsn0w jailbreak program for windows version 0.7.1 or latest Link and iPod touch 3.0 7A341 firmware
2. Update 3.0 firmware to the ipod touch via itune.
3. after update completed. open the redsn0w and browse to the firmware 3.0 file.
4. press next.
5. Select install cydia. press next
6. Turn off iPod touch and plug usb to your computer. press next
7. Following the instruction from the program tell to enter DFU Mode(When entering this mode, the screen is white)
8. When entering to DFU mode program will transfer jailbreak data and install cydia. wait….
9. When finished, Program will have a button finish. but your iPod touch is not finished to patch. you are wait until complete

Note** Mipatch and Mobileinstallation is not work in 3.0 official firmware. you should use AppSync 3.0 instead!!

How to Jailbreak iPod touch or iPhone to 3.0 Firmware in Thai Version